New Years Resolutions 17 – The jumper and the wigs

Jo Fisher Roberts

I read last years resolutions, of which I managed to keep about half; which is better than the year before, when I think I broke all of them within the first month. So this year it is a lot simpler:

  1. Get back into writing regular blogs
    Writing helps order my thoughts, clears some of the nonsense in my mind and gives me an excuse to research irrelevant facts. Why would I not do it?
  2. Finish all those 101 things I’ve started but not completed
    Well at least half of them. There are so many and my life feels like a half knitted jumper with lots of untied threads hanging out. This includes the Spletzer-Martin story and last year’s resolution about getting more illustration commissions  which I broke (unless I include a dreadful mural commission which I regret taking on).
  3. Stop it with the paranoia and jealousy crap
    Life is too short. So you may…

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